Chips and Cracks p27

23rd Nov 2022, 12:00 AM in 2.2 Chips and Cracks
Chips and Cracks p27
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Toadlett 23rd Nov 2022, 12:00 AM
knife knife knife knife

PAGE 27: (6 panels)
1. drop bg, see the accoutrements laid out, vulp’s hand hovering near the knife.
TYTO: (op) the knife is the most important. It is Gyre rock itself, made by no known hand, and the only thing I know that will cut into the nightmare ivory.
With it you must cut your mask, your new face, from the rockface. If you slip, or cut hastily, you will damage the mask, and it may not take.
But the cutting is itself… difficult. It will hurt.
It is not easy to cut out a part of yourself. But if the mask is to take, you must persevere.
2. see tyto watching her sidelong, vulpine watching the knife, hand hovering over it still.
V: you really think I’m- that it’d work? I could do it?
T: It is never a certain thing. But from what I’ve seen of you… I think so.
3. vulpine looking up, as the voice starts up again.
ATHENIE: he’s not lying, little fox. I see it too.
4. vulpine walking away from the altar, loosely clutchingt he knife, back toward the alcove.
ATHENIE: you’ll be fierce, and clever, and you’ll see through the murk-
TYTO: Vulpine, where are you going?
V: can I choose my own mask?
TYTO: It isn’t usually how it’s done, but..
5. vulpine at the mouth of the alcove, pointing towards athenie.
V: you called her Athenie, right? I choose this one.
T: no.
6. vulpine moving closer, knife in her hand, reaching to touch the mask again.
V: it feels right, though. This one will- it’ll fit.
ATHENIE: we will, I agree. Good job, little fox.