Chips and Cracks p29

7th Dec 2022, 12:00 AM in 2.2 Chips and Cracks
Chips and Cracks p29
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Toadlett 7th Dec 2022, 12:00 AM
v happy with vulp's face journey in this one


PGE 29: (7 panels)
1. tyto leading Vulpine away to another mask set into the wall, one we don’t recognise.
T: this is Briar, right hand to Bloduewedd and instrumental in bringing the old brutish kings of faery to justice. Later known as Brer Canina, a deadly warrior who turned back a horde of dragons at the gates of the goblin kingdoms with only a look.
2. vulp looking sceptically up at the mask.
V: seems like a lot to take on… what powers has it got?
T: it doesn’t work like… it is said Briar could run as quickly as a bird flies, and Brer was known to have slaid dragons with a look.
V: hmmm, I guess that’s not bad…
3. tyto putting the knife in her hand.
TYTO: It’s yours. You are ready.
4. Vulp looking uncertain.
V: are you sure it’ll fit?
5. tyto looming, angry, frustrated.
T: what made you think Ath- the other mask would fit better?
V: it just… felt different, it-
T: you knew nothing about it. If you doubt, it’s because you’re not sure of yourself, not of the masks. Don’t make your insecurities an excuse.
6. Vulpine, stung, bristling.
V: (thoughts) how am I supposed to be sure of anything?
7. drop bg, she clutches her name charm.
V (thoughts): but I have to try and be something, somehow.


marcorossi 7th Dec 2022, 7:28 AM
Nooh! Take the other mask! The other!